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Veterinary medicines can be a complex and confusing area with a myriad of existing products, and new ones coming onto the market regularly.

Veterinary Prescriber is an online publication for practising vets.  It summarises the published evidence about treatments (licensed and unlicensed) and integrates the evidence with practical information, such as what products are available, how the evidence relates to official information (e.g. summaries of product characteristics), how different treatments compare, adverse effects (in the animals receiving the treatments and humans who come into contact with them), legal aspects, and insights from practitioners who have used the medicines. The information is presented in the form of multimedia modules, which are balanced, clear and concise. Veterinary Prescriber is completely independent of influence from the pharmaceutical industry because it is funded by subscription and accepts no advertising or sponsorship.

Veterinary Prescriber wants to help make sure that the next generation of veterinary surgeons is fully prepared for clinical practice. Whether it's learning about how medicines get to market, how to assess promotional claims, where to find prescribing information, or how to make sense of parasite management in companion animals, Veterinary Prescriber is the perfect accompaniment to your evidence-based veterinary medicine studies.  Veterinary Prescriber has decided to give a free one-year subscription to all final-year students studying veterinary medicine in the UK. To apply for your free student membership simply fill in the form via the link below and we will contact you with instructions on how to claim your free subscription. A new module is published once a month and you will have access to these and the existing library of modules.