the key to prescribing excellence

Our philosophy

The key to prescribing excellence is independence.


Medicines need to be used rationally. This is because as well as benefits, they can cause harm to the animals they are used to treat, to the people handling them and to the environment. 

But it's hard to find information that gives vets the full facts about the harms as well as the benefits, and how different treatment options compare, which is crucial if vets want to make decisions in the best interests of animals and their owners rather than pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders.

Vets are not as well served as doctors in having access to a wide range of high-quality prescribing information so they don't have what they need to balance out the weight of promotion.

Companies are great at talking about the benefits of their products but they don't like them to be compared with alternatives and they don't want to draw attention to any disadvantages.

Keeping up-to-date on medicines is as important as having good prescribing information but it's also hard to find CPD resources on medicines that are not directly from, or sponsored by, the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our purpose is to provide vets with high-quality, independent, comparative information they won't find elsewhere. However, it costs money to do this. We are a small, self-funded company of two dedicated full-timers (Andrea Tarr and Carl Russell), together with a team of regular and occasional writers, editors, reviewers, verifiers and proofreaders, who support our rigorous editorial process.

We are absolutely passionate about independent information and empowering vets by giving them what they need to make rational decisions about medicines.

Our business model isn’t based on adverts or sponsorship. As a subscription-based service, our customers are the people who want our information. We don't court advertisers or sponsors and wouldn't want to anyway because that would compromise our independence and trustworthiness.

A happy side effect of this is that there are no adverts, banners or pop-ups to distract subscribers from our high-quality content and CPD.

The key to prescribing excellence is independence with

About Veterinary Prescriber

How We Produce The Information

Veterinary Prescriber was founded in 2012 by Andrea Tarr, a pharmacist with a long career in independent medicines information, who recognised the need for impartial, evidence-based, comparative and practical information to support veterinary practitioners in the rational treatment of animals. 

Veterinary Prescriber is published by a small independent company, Mixolydian Publications Limited. It accepts no sponsorship or advertising, is free to discuss all medicines and to be critical of evidence and promotion. 

  • We develop a module outline that identifies the questions that need answering.

  • We search for relevant published information, using PubMed and CAB abstracts.

  • We commission a topic specialist (the collaborating author) to write the text based on the outline.

  • The draft is circulated to a wide range of reviewers, including other topic specialists, general practice vets and pharmaceutical companies. The role of commentators is to:

    • raise points about interpretation of evidence

    • raise questions important to practitioners

    • give personal insights from having used treatments.

  • Draft modules are edited by Veterinary Prescriber editors, who are skilled in critical appraisal. We aim to make a clear distinction between evidence and opinion and our modules are fully referenced. We only refer to published sources as this allows anyone to examine the evidence for themselves.

  • Finally, the modules undergo rigorous checks. Modules are written in a simple succinct style and are also recorded and available as podcasts.


About the editorial team

Veterinary Prescriber’s editorial team has a long and distinguished experience of producing independent information and advice on medicines. They have particular skills in searching for and critically appraising evidence, making sense of the evidence by integrating it with opinion and practical information, and writing clearly and accurately about medicines.


Veterinary Consultants

Our veterinary consultants help identify the topics to review, help define the scope of the reviews, suggest specialist commentators, and comment regularly on drafts, to ensure that the information and advice is relevant to veterinary practice.