About Veterinary Prescriber

How We Produce The Information

Veterinary Prescriber was founded in 2012 by Andrea Tarr, a pharmacist with a long career in independent medicines information, who recognised the need for impartial, evidence-based, comparative and practical information to support veterinary practitioners in the rational treatment of animals. 

Veterinary Prescriber is published by a small independent company, Mixolydian Publications Limited. It accepts no sponsorship or advertising, is free to discuss all medicines and to be critical of evidence and promotion. 

We commission a topic specialist to write a draft module which we circulate to a wide range of commentators, including other specialists, general practice vets and pharmaceutical companies. The role of commentators is to:

  • raise points about interpretation of evidence
  • raise questions important to practitioners
  • give personal insights from having used  treatments. 

This helps put the evidence in the context of clinical practice and often suggests a way forward for practical clinical decision-making when there is no formal evidence. Draft modules are edited by Veterinary Prescriber's editors. We make a clear distinction between evidence and opinion and our modules are fully referenced. We only refer to published sources as this allows anyone to examine the evidence for themselves. Finally, the modules undergo rigorous checks and are published unsigned reflecting the collaborative approach. Modules are written in a simple succinct style and are also recorded and available as podcasts.