Veterinary Prescriber is the most useful resource I’ve found for information and critical evaluation of everyday veterinary practice.”

Hazel Bentall, Veterinary Surgeon.

Presented by Andrea Tarr

  • Find out how drug companies can make their products look better than they really are.

  • Discover why you need to look beyond the promotional information.

  • Be aware of the pitfalls in clinical trial reports and how to deal with them when making treatment decisions.


Andrea Tarr is a world-leading specialist in interpreting and communicating evidence and information on medicines. She has long career in producing independent prescribing advice for doctors in the UK and internationally including for the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, Consumers Association, British National Formulary, WHO Essential Medicines List, Prescrire International and International Society of Drug Bulletins. She is the founder and director of Veterinary Prescriber which gives vets the knowledge they need to prescribe in the best interests of animals, their owners and the environment.