Drug Information Service

Do you need an answer to a question about a veterinary medicine?

Looking for the answer can be time-consuming, even if you know where to look. The Veterinary Prescriber drug information service handles subscribers' queries about veterinary medicines. 

Get in touch by email with your query: andreatarr@veterinaryprescriber.org. 

The service is only available to Veterinary Prescriber subscribers. So that we can identify you, we will need you to tell us the email address you used to subscribe. We may also need you to tell us the reference ID for your subscription. 
The types of queries we can handle relate to:

  • indications or contraindications
  • administration of medicines
  • drug interactions
  • adverse effects
  • pharmacology
  • pharmaceutics

Here are examples of questions we've been asked:

"Is there a product with the same parasite coverage as Broadline (for cats) available for dogs?" 

"I rely on Antepsin for my dog's health but I've been told it is unavailable because of manufacturing problems. Is there any way I can get it and are there any alternatives?!

"What is the washout period when switching from aspirin to another NSAID in a dog"

"What is the best tick product for a client going abroad on holiday?"

Often, queries become the basis for new modules.