Veterinary Prescriber: what you might have missed in 2014

A lot of work goes into producing the reliable unbiased information in Veterinary Prescriber and so we are very proud to look back over 2014 at what we achieved:

...independent review articles. Veterinary Prescriber articles are based on a review of the evidence integrated with the views of clinicians to give advice about veterinary medicines that is relevant in clinical practice. We circulate draft articles to a range of commentators, including topic specialists, practising vets, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies and others, depending on the topic. Article commentators raise points about the interpretation and presentation of the evidence, and they can also give personal insights from having used the treatments, which helps put the evidence in the context of clinical practice and can sometimes suggest a way forward for practical clinical decision-making when there is no formal evidence to guide practice. Veterinary Prescriber articles are fully referenced and carefully checked, are written in a succinct simple style, avoiding jargon and unnecessary acronyms and are unsigned, reflecting the collaborative approach. We would like to thank those involved in developing articles in 2014: Helen Barnett, Hazel Bentall, Betty Chadwick, Emily Newsom-Davies, Roland Sabin, Stephanie Writer-Davies, Dr Marios Charalambous, Paul Cooper, Dr Marco Duz, Dr Debbie GuestDr Jay Dudhia, Professor Jonathan Foreman, Professor Peter Lees, Dr John Marshall, Natalie Robinson, Valerie Ross, Professor Roger Smith,  the companies of products named in the article, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, and National Office for Animal Health. In case you missed any, here are the topics we covered:

..a unique searchable product guide. The subject of our first practical guide - on ectoparasiticides for dogs and cats, ferrets and rabbits – was not the easiest to tackle, with around 100 products to include. But you won’t find such a practical and comprehensive resource anywhere else.

...being at the first evidence-based veterinary medicine network conference where we presented a poster highlighting the need to look at the evidence beyond the promotional claims for veterinary medicines. You can read our summary of the event here

..we introduced a regular Roundup of veterinary medicine news for our subscribers

...and a free monthly Independent Veterinary Medicines Bulletin for anyone who wants to keep their knowledge of veterinary medicines up-to-date. If you haven’t signed up to receive this, do it here

...and a drug information service for subscribers.

We’re very excited about the developments we’ve got planned for Veterinary Prescriber in 2015 that will give you an even richer independent resource on veterinary medicines that helps you keep up to date and helps with prescribing decisions. Make sure you have access to independent information in 2015 by subscribing to Veterinary Prescriber. Happy new year!