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 The  Veterinary Prescriber  fleas and ticks product guide (last updated July 2014. Next update due June 2015)   

There are dozens of flea and tick products on the market. Until now, finding the right one has not been easy. Veterinary Prescriber's new searchable product guide includes all the products authorised in the UK for cats and dogs, ferrets and rabbits. You can search by species, parasite(s), formulation and active ingredient(s). The result lists all the products matching the search criteria and gives additional information (on treatment interval, effect on flea larvae, suitability for use in pregnancy, supply category) to help with your choice. Here's what it looks like:

 An example of a search result

An example of a search result

These are ways in which the guide can help:

  • find all the products that give the parasite coverage that is needed and choose the most suitable formulation
  • identify the active ingredient in a product that has already been used but which hasn't worked, so that a product with a different active ingredient can be chosen
  • know which products are suitable for use in a pregnant animal
  • find a complete list of products by supply category (e.g. prescription-only, or those that can be sold in pharmacies or by SQPs).

The guide is available through subscription to Veterinary Prescriber

There's also a free Veterinary Prescriber article "Making sense of flea and tick products" .

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