Weekly roundup


This week’s #PrescribingTips

Report all adverse reactions to veterinary medicines. When a drug is first licensed, it’s been tested in a few hundred animals at best. So rare adverse reactions won’t show up. We learn so much more through spontaneous reporting.

What else have we been up to this week?

  • We had a few days away visiting family, but still managed to keep working

  • Grapiprant verification done. Our editor is working on the final version.

  • Prepared the draft module on cannabidiol (CBD) for circulation to reviewers.

  • Started planning our visit to the London Vet Show #VetShow

  • Finished work on our free module about assessing new medicines.

  • Prepared a video on assessing new medicines for Canine Arthiritis Management to use as part of their workshops on multi-modal management of athritis.

  • Pleased to be collaborating with Vetstream. Reviewing Bovis drug monographs.

Our purpose...

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