Weekly roundup


This week’s #PrescribingTips

While it’s impossible to remember all known clinically important drug interactions, one way to reduce the risk is to be on the alert for drugs with a narrow therapeutic window or drugs for which it’s necessary to keep serum levels at or above a certain level (e.g. antidiabetics, antiepileptics, anti-infectives, immunosuppressants).

What else we have been up to this week:

  • Further work on preparing next month’s modules for publication: proofreading and ensuring the text is ready for recording - this really helps with making sure the text has really clear meaning. Uploading the text to the website, preparing the diagram that shows the site of action of grapiprant relative to NSAIDs.

  • We’ve got the first draft of the first module for 2019, which is about dispensing veterinary medicines. It’s now being prepared for peer review.

  • Prepared the outline for module on NSAIDs and the kidney.

  • We had to deal with an external glitch affecting the automation of our CPD certificates. All fixed now so all the people who’ve done the CPD quizzes have been sent their certificates.

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