The dog's blog no. 15 Dog pooh!

Boy oh boy...I really do love going out on walkies with my furbrother, especially when we go to the field at the top of the lane near where we live. There is so much to sniff and snuffle around in, but recently I have noticed that there is a lot of dog pooh lying around up there in the field. Now, my furbrother is always teasing me saying that I am like Paul Finch in the American Pie movie, but I don't what he is talking about. I think he means that I will only do my business on home soil as it were. I only ever go in the back garden or in the field over the fence and it always gets cleared away.

My furbrother was so angry this morning. Even though I never poop when I am out and about he always has pooh bags with him. In fact, because there has been so much poop up the field he has been taking extra bags and using those to clear up other dogs' poohs, but there were so many this morning he ran out of bags before even getting to the pooh bin and then, literally right in front of the pooh bin itself, was another enormous pile. I didn't understand some of the words my furbrother used when he almost stood in it, but it didn't sound good to me.

I am a really lucky boy cos my furmummy is really clever, especially when it comes to knowing about staying healthy. While she was giving me a brush (I love being brushed) she told me that when furmummies and furdaddies leave their furbabies' pooh in the environment it can help spread horrible things like tapeworm, lungworm and roundworm (amongst others). Nasty lungworm can kill us dogs and roundworm can be transferred to hoomans, and young hoomans are especially at risk. This is because slugs, snails and other wildlife can then come into contact with the pooh and the parasites in it and then become carriers. These carriers can then be eaten by other dogs and the whole vicious cycle starts all over again with those dogs now depositing infected eggs into the environment. 

It's horrible to think my pooh could be so dangerous to other dogs and to hoomans, especially the tiny ones, cos I really like those. If only all furmummies and furdaddies picked up their furbabies' pooh and made sure to wash paws, oh, I mean hands, it would almost certainly lower the harms from these infections. Sounds good to me but I must be dreaming, it must be my pre-afternoon nap snooze, so smell you again next month...


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