Lungworm clinical scenario - prevention


The scenario


Your new client Mrs Hollyer brings her dog, Mia, a 3 year-old Border Collie to your clinic. She has seen TV adverts warning about the deadly lungworm disease. She says there are an awful lot of slugs around her house and she worries herself sick about lungworm. She wonders how she can protect her dog. She knows she needs to use flea and worm control products and currently uses monthly Frontline (fipronil) for fleas and ticks, and monthly Panacur (fenbendazole) for worms but she wonders if this covers everything including lungworm? She has read on Mumsnet that it is not safe to give Advocate (moxidectin + imidacloprid) to her collie dog.

What advice would you give her?

Need to brush up on the latest research on the management of lungworm? Then the Veterinary Prescriber module Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) in dogs: reducing the risks is for you. We commissioned a specialist (Dr. Hany Elsheikha, Associate Professor and European diplomate in veterinary parasitology, University of Nottingham) to summarise current knowledge about the management of canine lungworm, ensuring that questions important to veterinary practitioners were addressed. They include:

  • How widespread is the parasite?
  • How is it spread?
  • How likely is a dog to die from the infection?
  • What are the diagnostic tests and how effective are they?
  • Treating angiostrongylosis - what's the evidence?
  • Assessing risk of infection
  • Preventing angiostrongylosis - what's the evidence?
  • Product choice

Our editorial process involves integrating referees’ comments, critical appraisal of the evidence and rigorous checks. The result is a succinct, reliable and impartial presentation of the facts. You can read or listen to the module. At the end there are MCQs and clinical scenarios (this is one of them). We'll send you a personalised CPD certificate for your records. So subscribe today.