The most comprehensive series of CPD modules on parasiticides for cats and dogs

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Veterinary Prescriber is currently halfway through a comprehensive series of modules that focus on parasiticides for cats and dogs. The six modules (including multi-choice questions [MCQs] and practical exercises) all lead towards helping to create or revise a practice parasiticide policy (module 6). The modules are prepared in conjunction with parasite specialists, and in consultation with practising vets so that they are relevant to clinical practice. We present and appraise the evidence and include practical information, such as integration of our unique Parasiticide Guide, so users can make a choice from all the parasiticide products on the market.

The modules are presented in Veterinary Prescriber's unique multimedia style and narrated by Veterinary Prescriber's founder Andrea Tarr. They cover the five main parasites that affect UK cats and dogs, and the pros and cons of the different strategies for controlling parasites. The comprehensive and practical approach empowers veterinary staff to choose parasiticides rationally and leads towards the creation of a practice parasiticide policy. It will help ensure that all members of a practice give clients consistent advice on parasite control: from reception, through to vet nurse to vet surgeon; everyone singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to the complex and complicated area of parasiticides. Each module ends with MCQs and practical exercises so subscribers can test their knowledge and are prompted to reflect on their own practice. We plan all our content meticulously (using a scheme of work and syllabus) to ensure that it is relevant to clinical practice and considers all the various factors that impact on the rational use of medicines.

To mark the launch of these Parasiticide modules, Veterinary Prescriber has created practice subscriptions. For every subscribing vet in a practice, Veterinary Prescriber will give a free veterinary nurse subscription. Just think, your entire practice all working towards the same goal of ensuring the quality of your prescribing matches the quality of your surgery.

Small Practice (between 2 and 5 vets and vet nurses) £251.58 per year (including VAT)

Large Practice (between 6 and 10 vets and vet nurses) £479.04 per year (including VAT)

The full running order of the modules,with publication dates, is as follows:

Module 1 Parasiticides for cats and dogs: an overview. Published 4th April

Module 2 Puppy worming. Published 17th May

Module 3 Parasiticides for adult dogs. Published 15th June

Module 4 Kitten worming. Published 15th July

Module 5 Parasiticide management in cats. 15th August

Module 6 Parasiticides for cats and dogs: creating a practice parasiticide policy. 15th September