Imepitoin for idiopathic epilepsy in dogs

Imepitoin is a drug that first became available in 2013 as a welcome new addition to the limited choice of drugs available for treating canine epilepsy.

In this article we present an unbiased summary of the evidence on imepitoin, including how it compares with alternatives, and the evidence behind promotional claims. A systematic review was published recently that summarised the evidence on canine antiepileptic drugs and so we have been able to put the information about imepitoin in the context of what is known about antiepileptic drugs in general.

As for any new drug, you will want to know as much as possible about its efficacy and safety, particularly how it compares with standard treatments. The succinct and fully referenced  information in Veterinary Prescriber gives you easy access to information you need to help with treatment choices. 

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Target audience: First opinion and referral veterinary professionals

Goal of activity: Update knowledge; help clinical decision-making

Authors/disclosures: Veterinary Prescriber editorial team/no conflict of interest

Specific learning objectives: to improve knowledge and understanding of imepitoin in the treatment of idiopathic epilepsy in dogs

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