NSAIDs in horses

This is a review of NSAIDs in horses focusing on their use for relief of pain and inflammation in  musculoskeletal disorders. We present a review of the published evidence on efficacy and safety  and also offer practical advice on choosing an NSAID and on advising clients. Accompanying the article is a table showing the eight NSAIDs licensed for use in horses in the UK. 

The first draft of the article was written by a specialist equine vet. The draft was circulated to other specialists, general practice vets and pharmacists, and the companies that market NSAIDs for horses. Critical appraisal of evidence, and integration of comments and opinions and verification followed. The resulting article is published unsigned on our website. 

Key contributors to the article: Dr Marco Duz, Professor Peter Lees, Dr John Marshall, Professor Jonathan Foreman, Valerie Ross.