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Imepitoin for noise aversion in dogs

Imepitoin, which is licensed as an antiepileptic for dogs under the brand name Pexion, is now also licensed “for the reduction of anxiety and fear associated with noise phobia in dogs” . In this module we examine the available evidence to find out how helpful imepitoin is in managing noise aversion in dogs. By doing this module you will:

  • understand the mode of action of imepitoin in reducing fear and anxiety

  • be aware of the clinical evidence in support of the new indication

  • understand how to use imepitoin for treating noise aversion in dogs

  • know the adverse effects of imepitoin in dogs treated for noise aversion.

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Fireworks: can alpha-casozepine help?

Noise aversion is common in pets. Management of noise aversion usually involves a combination of interventions, including behaviour therapy, pheromones, drugs and nutritional supplements. Alpha-casozepine (Zylkène capules) is one such supplement. This module looks at whether there is any evidence that alpha-casozepine is effective in helping cats and dogs with noise aversion.

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