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Parasiticide Guide
  • includes all UK authorised parasiticides for cats dogs, ferrets and rabbits

  • search by parasite/disease, active ingredient(s), brand, species, formulation

  • updated every 3 months

  • find the product you need

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NSAIDS for chronic pain relief in cats

By doing this module you will:

  • Understand the mechanisms underlying the potential adverse effects of NSAIDs

  • Understand what is known about COX selectivity of NSAIDs in cats

  • Be aware of what is known about the adverse effects of NSAIDs in cats

  • Understand what is known about the comparative safety of meloxicam and robenacoxib 

  • Know the safety evidence on using NSAIDs in cats with chronic kidney disease  

  • Know how to monitor long-term NSAID therapy in cats

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By doing this module you will:

  • know what an NSAID is

  • understand the clinical pharmacology of NSAIDs

  • gain a broad understanding of the range of licensed uses of the different NSAIDs 

  • understand what is known about the comparative efficacy and safety of NSAIDs 

  • be able to make a rational choice.

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Which tick product?

Parasite specialists ESCCAP UK & Ireland strongly advise the use of a tick preventive product for dogs in areas where Babesia has been reported, to reduce the risk of disease  transmission, and they recommend using a product that either repels or rapidly kills ticks. This module explains what is meant by repellent and rapid killing effect and lists the products that meet these criteria.

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Shampoos for dogs- don't get in a lather over choice

There are a lot of dogs shampoos out there. Some are licensed as veterinary medicines; most are not. Here we look at shampoos that contain active ingredients and summarise the clinical trial evidence looking at whether they can help in the treatment of canine skin diseases. Use it to help decide about the range of shampoos to stock in your practice. 

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Post-operative pain in cats – meloxicam or robenacoxib?

A recent advert for the injectable NSAID, robenacoxib (Onsior – Novartis) says the drug gives “superior pain relief”, going on to say that “In a recent study Onsior injection demonstrated superior efficacy to meloxicam in reducing post-operative pain in cats”. The advert gives a web link to more information, including the claim that robenacoxib is “tissue selective” and “persists at the source of inflammation but exits the bloodstream quickly, sparing vulnerable organs from prolonged exposure”. Here, we look at the evidence behind these claims.

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