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Metronidazole neurotoxicity

Neurotoxicity is a recognised adverse effect of metronidazole, an antimicrobial used in cats and dogs to treat a variety of conditions. By doing this module you will:

  • Be aware of how metronidazole neurotoxicity can present in practice.

  • Understand what is known about the relationship between metronidazole dose and neurotoxicity.

  • Be aware of how to reduce the risk of neurotoxicity developing.

  • Know what you can do if it presents in practice.

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Imepitoin for idiopathic epilepsy in dogs

Imepitoin is a drug that first became available in 2013 as a welcome new addition to the limited choice of drugs available for treating canine epilepsy. This is a summary of the evidence on imepitoin, including how it compares with alternatives, and the evidence behind promotional claims.

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