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Lidocaine/prilocaine topical anaesthetic cream in small animals

Lidocaine (25mg/g) plus prilocaine (25mg/g) cream is a topical anaesthetic licensed for use in humans but not in animals. However, it is used in veterinary practice – for example, during venepuncture at the jugular or cephalic vein for blood sampling, especially in cats, or the ear veins in rabbits; and when inserting an intravenous cannula preoperatively in cats, dogs and rabbits. This module summarises the published evidence on the efficacy and safety of lidocaine/prilocaine cream in small animals, gives practical guidance on its use, and highlights the gaps in the evidence.

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Oily injections what you need to know to keep safe

Some vaccines used in veterinary medicine contain mineral oil as an adjuvant. Most are vaccines for use in food production animals, but there are a few for use in companion animals. Self-injection can result in serious harm from the mineral oil content and so it is important to know which those products are. This module aims to raise awareness of the potential hazard and what to do to avoid serious harm.

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