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Quick-reference prescribing information - what is there?

Where's the best place to find information on doses, interactions, use in pregnancy and so on, at the time of prescribing? Do you know the difference between SPCs and data sheets? Where can you find reliable information on unlicensed medicines? Our new module reviews quick-reference prescribing information sources. We've compared the different sources - paper and online - looking at the pros and cons, whether the information is reliable, the costs, and which to use when you need a particular type of information. It's practical and will help you to know if you're using the most up-to-date resources.

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Imepitoin for idiopathic epilepsy in dogs

Imepitoin is a drug that first became available in 2013 as a welcome new addition to the limited choice of drugs available for treating canine epilepsy. This is a summary of the evidence on imepitoin, including how it compares with alternatives, and the evidence behind promotional claims.

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