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Blinded by the light - are you looking after your medicines properly

This module is designed to help practising vets understand more about the stability of medicines, the reasons for, and meaning of, storage and handling recommendations in product literature, and how to interpret these in practice.

By doing this module, you will learn about:

  • the legislation on expiry dates of medicines

  • where to find information on storage recommendations

  • stability including light-sensitivity

  • the difference between single-use and multi-use presentations in terms of stability and shelf life

  • how to store medicines in the veterinary practice, and when out and about

  • stability issues around using or storing medicines outside the terms of the licence

  • using fridges and proper temperature monitoring

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Good veterinary dispensing practice

By doing this module you will:

  • review the legal classification of medicines, including controlled drugs, and the prescribing cascade

  • learn what constitutes a well set-up and well-run dispensary, including how to organise medicines appropriately, about the staff and dispensing equipment needed, and safe practices

  • know how to handle and store medicines correctly

  • be aware of the general considerations to take into account when dispensing medicines

  • understand why dispensing errors occur and what to do when they happen.

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