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Horse Parasiticides

There is a large and confusing range of products on the market for the management of parasites in horses and donkeys. This unique product guide aims to help with the comparison and selection of products. It contains all equine endoparasiticide and ectoparasitide products authorised as veterinary medicines in the UK. Search by active ingredient, drug class, brand name, formulation and parasite/disease coverage. 

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NSAIDs in horses

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are one of the most commonly-used categories of drugs in horses. Here, we review the efficacy and safety of NSAIDs when used for relieving inflammation and pain from musculoskeletal problems. We also offer practical advice on choosing an NSAID from among the eight authorised in the UK for horses, and on what to tell clients when their horses start NSAID therapy.

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