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Veterinary Prescriber is an independent website providing unbiased information on medicines and the only place dedicated to CPD on veterinary medicines. Our modules review single drugs, therapeutic areas and the practical aspects of using medicines. They will keep you up to date and help you meet your CPD obligations. The modules are succinct and will take only about half an hour of your time. 

Being completely independent of industry allows Veterinary Prescriber to give comparative information about products. Our unique work on making sense of companion animal parasiticides, a huge and complicated area in which there is intense drug company promotion, helps veterinary professionals make rational choices. 

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Simply click the register button below and fill in your details. In order to qualify you must be a Vetstream Vetlexicon (Canis, Felis, Lapis, Exotis or Equis) subscriber, and register for Veterinary Prescriber with the same email address that is used for your Vetstream Vetlexicon subscription.


Ensure your prescribing decisions aren't influenced by vested interests and subscribe now to Veterinary Prescriber the perfect accompaniment to your Vetstream Vetlexicon membership.