Medicines news May 2019


New medicines

The following medicines have recently been licensed for use in the UK:

Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells   in a suspension for injection for horses ( Arti-cell Forte). POM-V. It is licensed for the reduction of mild to moderate recurrent lameness associated with non-septic joint inflammation in horses. Originally it was believed that implanted stem cells turned into replacement tissue (such as cartilage or bone). Now it is thought that ‘stem cells’ (implanted or endogenous) secrete substances such as cytokines and growth factors that suppress the action of inflammatory cells and promote tissue repair. Formulation of allogeneic (donor) cells (as opposed to autologous– cells harvested from the patient being treated) has enabled the production of a standardised stem cell formulation. To learn more about stem cell therapy see the module Stem cell therapy for cats and dogs )

  • milbemycin   +    praziquantel   chewable tablets for dogs; tablets for cats (brands Aderexa,  Amcofen, Mectix) POM-V. More generic versions of Milbemax   .

  • selamectin spot-on for cats and dogs ( Chanhold). POM-V. A generic of Stronghold.

  • clindamycin chewable tablets for dogs and cats (Clindabactin). POM-V

  • fipronil + pyriproxyfen spot-on for cats and dogs (Ectoline Duo). POM-V

  • propofol emulsion for injection for cats and dogs (Propodine). POM-V

  • amoxicillin suspension for injection for cats, dogs, cattle, pigs, sheep. (Trymox LA). POM-V

  • sulphadiazine + trimethoprim oral powder for horses (Equibactin). POM-V

  • phenylbutazone granules for horses and ponies (Butazocare). POM-V 

Changes to SPCs

  • Nobivac FeLV, suspension for injection for cats (Feline leukemia virus): modification to the duration of Immunity to 3 years after first booster vaccination.

  • Zycortal   25mg/ml prolonged-release suspension for injection in dogs (Desoxycortone pivalate). The following statement has been added to adverse reactions section of the SPC: “Pancreas disorders have been reported very rarely following use of Zycortal. The concurrent administration of glucocorticoids may contribute to these signs.”

Updated parasiticide guide and specials database

  • We’ve updated our Parasiticide Guide. It contains all parasiticides marketed in the UK for use in cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits, including prescription and non-prescription products. The Guide can help in all sorts of ways: make sense of the difference between prescription and non-prescription products; look up a product that a client has used to find out what active ingredients it contains; find a suitable licensed product to control a specific parasite. 

  • Our Specials Database includes unlicensed formulations for companion animals produced by specials companies. Use it to find out what is available and where to get it, and save time. 

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