Medicines news August 2019


Medicines news

Imidacloprid spot on for cats, dogs and rabbits (brand name Advaprid, Eziflea, Imidacloprid EU Pharma, Imidaflea, Ridaflea [imidacloprid], Termaflea - it's not yet clear which brand will be marketed in the UK). AVM-GSL This is a generic form of Advantage (NFA-VPS), but the first time that an imidacloprid product indicated for use in rabbits to be assigned an AVM-GSL distribution category.

  • Alpha tocopherol + cholecalciferol + retinol solution for injection (Belavit AD3E) for the treatment of vitamin deficiencies in cattle, dogs, horses, pigs. POM-V

  • Phenylbutazone oral powder (Butaleve) for horses and ponies. POM-V

  • Florfenicol solution for drinking water (Florolab) for pigs. POM-V

  • Ivermectin oral paste (Nexmectin) for horses. POM-VPS

  • Paracetamol solution for drinking water (Piresol) for pigs. POM-V

  • Ivermectin oral paste (Promec) for horses. POM-VPS

New uses 

  • Fluralaner + moxidectin (Bravecto Plus) spot-on for cats is now also indicated for the treatment of infestations with ear mites (Otodectes cynotis).

Learning opportunities

  • Small Aniimal Medicine Society (SAMSoc) Autumn meeting: 25th October. SAMSoc is open to all who share a passion and enthusiasm for medicine; general practitioners, interns, residents, those studying certificates and specialists.The Autumn meeting is a full day meeting entitled ‘A medicine medley: Advances in GI disease including faecal microbiota transplantation, liver disease testing, and the use of anti-thrombotics.’ Click here for more information.

  • BVRA Competent Dispenser Award - two online webinars which take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Click here for more information

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