Medicines news July 2019


Medicines news


  • fipronilpyriproxyfen (Effipro Duo) spot-on for cats and dogs. Insecticide and acaricide plus insect growth regulator, for control of fleas and ticks. This used to be aprescription-only medicine (POM-V), but can now be sold over the counter (NFA-VPS)

Changes to product information

  • Leucofeligen FeLV/RCP ( feline calicivirus , feline leukemia virus , feline panleukopenia virus , feline viral rhinotracheitis virus ) and Leucogen and Nobivac Leu Fel (both feline leukaemia virus ). Section 5 (pharmacology) of the SPCs for these products now includes the statement  “Protection against persistent viraemia isobserved in 73% of cats 3 weeks after their first vaccine injection”

  • Also for LeucofeligenFeLV/RCP (feline calicivirus, feline leukemia virus, feline panleukopenia virus, feline viral rhinotracheitis virus) only, the word ‘especially’ has been added to the statement in section 4.9 (dose and route) about maternally-derived antibodies “Maternally derived antibodies, especially those against felinepanleucopenia virus, can negatively influence the immune response tovaccination. In such cases where maternally derived antibodies are expected, athird injection may be appropriate from 15 weeks of age”

  • Recicort ear drops for dogs and cats (salicyclic acid; triamcinolone acetonide).The product information includes an addition to the adverse effects section:  "In rare cases redness and skin scaling havebeen reported".     

Adverse effects

The VMD has published a review of the spontaneous reports of adverse effects (including lack of efficacy and harm to humans) gathered during 2017.  Vaccinations and immunotherapy products were the veterinary medicines most often associated with animal adverse event reports (44% of reports) followed by parasiticides (20%). Spontaneous reports are very imortant for helping us learn more about medicines and improving their safety and efficacy. The VMD report lists the changes to the product information of over 80 products that resulted from reporting. Click here to see the full report. 

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