What is Veterinary Prescriber?

Veterinary Prescriber, based in the UK, publishes unbiased evaluated information on veterinary medicines for veterinary professionals

The succinct referenced articles summarise the evidence on veterinary medicines

Veterinary Prescriber's collaborative editorial process ensures the information is practical and makes it possible to offer advice in the absence of evidence

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Veterinary Prescriber is completely independent and is funded through subscription.

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Independent Veterinary Medicines Bulletin

The free monthly Independent Veterinary Medicines Bulletin (IVMB) announces new veterinaryprescriber.org articles and guides, gives notice of upcoming articles, and summarises important news about the effective and safe use of veterinary medicines that will be useful to veterinary surgeons, other veterinary professionals and, ultimately, the public and their animals.

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Why Veterinary Prescriber?


The special editorial skills in Veterinary Prescriber enable the integration of evidence about medicines with the real world of veterinary practice. Veterinary Prescriber:

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